Vandrie Home Furnishings - Failed to provide warranty coverage as stated.

Traverse City, Michigan 1 comment

I purchased a sofa from the store in Traverse City in September 2012. I purchased the Guardsman warranty because I was told that it covers anything that could happen to the sofa.

I explained that I have a hyper-active 4 year old and wanted to make sure the sofa would be covered, even if she wrote on it in marker. I was reassured that we would be covered no matter what would happen to it. Lo and behold two weeks ago, my 4 year old wrote on the sofa with a marker. I attempted to put a claim in only to find that it is not covered.

I attempted to contact the Traverse City store where I was informed that it was not covered, was told that I was mistaken for haven heard that marker would be covered and was told that they could sell me a replacement cushion for the couch. They refused to even address the issue and when I asked for a refund of the warranty since it was doing me no good. They explained they applied a product to the sofa and that they could not refund the warranty. Essentially they had scammed me into buying a worthless warranty on a sofa that they will not stand behind or even attempt to help me with.

All the manager could do was tell me what she couldn't do, she would not attempt to address any of the issues. I will not be purchasing from this store again and would advise for anyone else to not buy from here either.

Review about: Guardsman Furniture Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $600.



I too purchased a warranty from Van Drie and was also told that it covered everything from tears, rips, animals damaging it, kids marking on it, etc. I had none of those problems, but I did have a simple button on the back of the couch come loose (bought the couch in October 2011)button came loose in October 2013 and was told that it was not covered under the warranty that I purchased but was a factory warranty problem that only covered one year.Now I ask you,isn't rips, tears, spills, etc. worse than a loose button? I have never been so upset with a company and salesperson as I am over this. I will never buy from VanDrie again, nor will any of my relatives in and around a VanDrie store. They do not want to buy from a store that cannot back up their policies.

Betty Tramel

Merritt, Michigan

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